"Dare you say that you don’t look like a child?"

"Looks like doesn’t mean I am! Do I have to be a baby face? Go away! " He turned and walked towards the gate. Ye Qing quickly took a picture of Dong Laoer, saying, "I’ll send you two to play slowly."
"good!" Dong Laoer head also didn’t lift tunnel Ye Qing and he together out of the door.
In Lunalan, she looked very happy and brisk. She looked up at Ye and said, "Master, do you like that Su Yanbing?"
Ye Qing blushed when he heard this. "You can see that?"
"Of course, you don’t even look at her right. You won’t be angry with me for ruining your intention to send her home just now, will you?" He asked.
Leaves so surprised tunnel "so you are intentional? I am so disappointed! "
"Hum! I did it on purpose, but I also said hello! " He pursed his mouth and said, "Ye Qing turned to look at her." She asked curiously, "Do you still call me hello?"
"Of course you don’t understand playing hard to get! It’s hard for her to get a good impression on you if you hang around in front of her like this every day. She will think that you should do all these things naturally. If you don’t show up for a while, she will not get used to it. She will think of your past goodness and then take the initiative to contact you. Then your chances will be much greater! If you don’t believe me, you can try not to contact her for several days. She will definitely take the initiative to contact you. "He said clearly.
Ye Qing touched Ba and thought about it, then said to Nalan, "That’s quite reasonable, but have you ever been in love?"
"talked about it!"
"all right! You can be my master in this respect! "
"No, I’ll be your apprentice, not your master!" He is very stubborn tunnel leaves picked his eyebrows, "of course, I don’t want to be your apprentice! Besides, you are not qualified to be my master! "
"Is Master angry with me after all?" He doesn’t trust tunnel
"no! How can I be angry with you? Tell me how far your home is. If it’s too far, just take the bus. I don’t want to leave again! " Ye Qing Dao
"It’s not far away, Master. Go home. I’ll be alone." Nalan smiled and nodded to him, then told him, "Be careful and report to the club on time when you send a text message!"
"I know, Master is really nagging. It’s the same sentence every time!" He muttered, Ye Qing waved and turned back.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven Pay wages
Ye Qing always wondered on his way back whether he really appeared too often in front of Su Yanbing. Will this make Su Yanbing bored instead? He wanted to think about it and decided whether to join Su Yanbing or not these days to see if Su Yanbing would join him. If Su Yanbing took the initiative to join him, he said that he still had a lot of status in Su Yanbing’s heart.
In fact, Su Yanbing made a special trip to their club building today. He has said preliminarily that Su Yanbing still attaches great importance to his friend. When he returned to the rental house, he saw Dong Laoer and Zhao Junzhu watching the movie very much in love. Dong Laoer smiled very lewd.
"Depend! You two go into the room to see, don’t affect my viewing. "Ye Qing waved to Dong Laoer, saying that he was alone. Dong Laoer also knew Ye Qing’s feelings and immediately picked up his notes and took Zhao Jun’s bamboo hand and entered the room.
Ye Qing knew that Zhao Junzhu would definitely not leave tonight. He watched TV and pressed to the sports channel to watch football. At eleven o’clock, Ye Qing dozed off. He fell asleep on the sofa. That night, he had a dream that he and Su Yanbing were together. Su Yanbing promised that when his girlfriend went shopping arm in arm, she met Su Yanbing’s ex-boyfriend. Because Ye Qing had never seen the man, the image of the man in his dream was very vague.
When the man saw him with Su Yanbing, he was very angry, and then he wanted to hit the leaves. In his dream, he was naturally not to be outdone. He dreamed that he hit the ground with three punches and two feet, and then he was beaten up. He couldn’t help laughing in his dream.
Su Yanbing jumped into his arms after seeing him beat the man, and then kissed him on the face. It was so cool that it was a dream after all. He opened his eyes and found that it was dawn and he had rolled from the sofa to the floor.
He got up and knocked on the door. Dong Laoer asked impatiently, "Who is it?"
"I got up quickly and got ready to go to the club!" Ye Qing said outside the door that he looked at the dining room table, which means that Zhao Jun bamboo didn’t get up to cook breakfast either. Maybe they played late last night.
"I know, get up!" Dong Laoer replied, and then this guy pushed Zhao Junzhu and said, "Get up, go and make breakfast, call me and I’ll sleep again!" "
Zhao Junzhu sat up with his eyes open and had his hair cut. He said reluctantly, "Why don’t you make breakfast and I’ll sleep again?"
"I depend! Rebel! ? Cut the crap and go to the two of us! " Dong Lao Er turned over and went back to sleep. Zhao Jun Zhu Nai had to wear clothes and get out of bed, then knocked on the door and came out. Ye Qing had gone to the bathroom to wash. Zhao Jun Zhu went into the kitchen and looked at it. It seemed that there was nothing to do, so he went straight downstairs and bought breakfast.
Ye Qing came out after washing and saw the table. He looked at Zhao Jun bamboo gratefully and was a little embarrassed to tunnel "hard work"
"Ye Ge, you’re welcome. I’ll call Tiancheng to have dinner." Zhao Jun bamboo smiled at Ye Qing and then went to call Dong Laoer to get up.
Ye couldn’t help feeling a little awkward when she called Dong Laoer Tiancheng. He kept calling Dong Laoer’s real name and almost forgot it. Suddenly, he was a little unaccustomed to being called his real name.
Dong Lao Er got up and had breakfast, and the three of them went to the club together. As soon as they arrived at the club, Dami directly announced that everyone in the club had filed into the conference room. The meteor asked Ye Qing if he was going to get paid, and Ye Qing said that he didn’t know, perhaps to say something about getting paid.
When they were having a small talk, Big Honey spoke. She took out a big file bag from her handbag and put it on the desktop. Then she said to all humanity, "Today’s meeting competition must have been awaited for a long time, and it’s time to pay the salary. This is the first time that I have invested capital. Will everyone pay the salary according to the previous standard? The newcomers Dong Tiancheng and Zhao Yunzhu will be settled first according to the number of shifts this month."
As soon as Big Honey’s voice fell, everyone couldn’t help but look very excited. All eyes looked at the desk file bag and looked at Big Honey to untie the file bag, and then directly poured a few bulging envelopes and appeared on the table.
Everyone’s name is written on each envelope. When Daming reads a person’s name, he throws an envelope in front of him. People who get the envelope can’t wait to seal it to see if the number is right. When he reads Ye Qing’s name, Daming gives him a meaningful look and then throws the envelope to him.
Ye Qing felt something wrong when he received the envelope, because if his salary was 1.5 thousand as before, it should not be this thickness. He felt that it was not 1.5 thousand but more than 1.5 thousand when he touched the envelope
He took out the money in the envelope and fiddled with it. He felt that it was less than two thousand. He stuffed the money back with some excitement and then took the envelope in his hand. He glanced at Dami doubtfully. At this time, Dami cleared his throat and said to everyone, "The salary has been paid. I hope everyone can train well in the next day. In the competition, they can play their own level and win glory for the club!"
"good! The big boss is mighty! " All together big honey smiled and then waved and said, "dismissed! Go to training! "
Ye Qing and others cheered and got up and walked out of the meeting room. Then several guys went back to the training room and asked each other what the salary was. Ye Qing didn’t participate in the discussion. He sat in the training room for a while and then got up and walked out of the training room. Then he went into the bathroom alone and locked the door. He punched the envelope and took out the money carefully. He found that there were actually 3,000 yuan in the envelope, which is the value of the first-line professional players now.
He was very excited when he looked at the money in his hand. This was the first time he earned money after graduation, and the rent was already in arrears. Fortunately, the landlord gave him a grace period. He was going to call the landlord after he went back, and then he paid the rent, and then he paid the water and gas. The rest of the money was put aside for emergency.
Ye Qing didn’t feel the benefits of joining a professional team until now. He can solve his own problems with two meals a day in the club. He needs to spend money to eat breakfast for a month, and it won’t cost much. In this way, he can at least spend more than 1000 yuan a month except rent. He feels very satisfied.
However, he is a bit unfair. He said that his salary was 1,500. How did it become 3,000 now? Can it be said that his salary has risen after he became the main player? He felt that it must be big honey who made the decision to raise his salary, and his heart was very touched. Big honey has been really good to him in the dark. Unfortunately, he has never felt that kind of heartbeat for big honey until now.
So far, Su Yanbing is the only woman who can really be tempted by Yuzryha, and Ye is a very single-minded person. If he likes a person, he will be fond of this person. Unless one day he finds that he has no hope at all, he may accept another person after he feels desperate.
As soon as he came out of the health room, he walked into the training room and saw Nalan waving at him. He went over and said, "What?"
"Master heard that you got paid?"
"Should I be invited to dinner?"