In another room, a woman in a long pale pinkish purple dress sat in front of the windowsill and played the piano with her hands. This piano is elegant, moving and pleasing to the ear.
I don’t know when a voice outside the door came, "Yincui gorge just got the news that Yueyue is coming to this town."
"Keng" broke an elegant sound on one string, but there was a biting chill in the sound. "What day is getting too much? You should call him San Xu."
"Princess, I beg your pardon. Three Xu horses have come to this town. Do you want to tell him that you have come?" The maid burst into a kneeling hurriedly said
The housemaid shook her head and sighed and said, "I just want to come, and he also knows that the palace has come."
The mountain appointment is imminent, and everyone is just staying in this town for one night. In fact, many people have already gone to the mountain, and the rest of them are also rushing to the mountain these days.
It is said that the probability that ChuHanXuan and others meet Xuanyuan Tianyue and others is still very high. It is not just halfway up the mountain that the two parties meet, but the meeting result will naturally not be good. In the eyes of outsiders, ChuHanXuan is defeated by Xuanyuan Tianyue both inside and outside, and his Xuanyuan Tianyue is far from being attractive. It is even worse that it seems that the list of beautiful men will be launched in the Tiange Tianbang recently, and the first person is said that this day is getting too much. If you don’t say this, it will be said that Xuanwang’s fiancee is now a family, and it is obvious that Xuanwang is not as good as the day
"It’s a coincidence that you can touch Tianyue here!" ChuHanXuan looked at that still as unattainable as Levin in the cloud, and sneered that the fundus was deeply hostile.
Chapter 53 Baguio
"It’s a coincidence that you can touch Tianyue here!" ChuHanXuan looked at that still as unattainable as Levin in the cloud, and sneered that the fundus was deeply hostile.
Nai’s lavender figure seems to have heard nothing. He suddenly turned his head and looked at the handsome face of the man in red who was coming not far away. As always, he pointed out from elegance but pointed out that "the palace still longed for the world. It seems that the palace underestimated the world."
ChuHanXuan gas knot mercilessly stared at the front of male this Xuanyuan Tianyue is what mean to see him like this! But behind him, Song Lanting and Qin Yu’s look has not changed much. The real strength of this porch Wang Tianyue is too different. It is normal to ignore you. Besides, it is normal for them to turn a blind eye to what Xuan Wang just said.
Of course, the most exciting thing is Chu Yunling. Seeing Xuanyuan Tianyue instantly, there seems to be a small flame in her eyes. Don’t how bright.
"It’s getting too much …" She cried in a trembling voice. She missed her day and night. Didn’t she just sneak out of the palace to see him? Even if it’s a little possible, she wants to gamble
Nai Xuanyuan Tianyue still seems to have not heard the general eyes, but never fell on Chu Yunling.
Mu Sheng Xiao took a look at Chu Hanxuan and then looked at the enchanting face before him. There was a smile on his face. "The ancestral temple has come to the world. If you can’t come," it was those eyes that were a little bit more Yinzhi. It seems that the roots of the West Moon country did not deceive Xuanyuan Tianyue!
During this period, he didn’t speak ill of him in front of his father and emperor. He didn’t want to know who was playing tricks on him. His ordinary brothers and sisters were really dishonest at all, but it’s like waiting for him to go back and still be one person and ten thousand people. Maybe …
"Of course the world can come," Xuanyuan Tianyue said with a slight smile. "I wonder if Princess Ning Yu will come this time?"
Mu Ning Yu Mu Sheng Xiao’s face is a little unnatural, but it’s a moment when he said lightly, "Is it all the world can restrain the princess from acting alone?" Then he took a look behind Xuanyuan Tianyue and said with a smile, "Why didn’t you bring the future toffee for this trip? Isn’t it inconvenient for her to come out and show her face before she is married? "
Xuanyuantianyue smiled but didn’t answer, which made people unpredictable at the moment.
To be seen by Xuanyuan Tianyue, Chu Hanxuan can’t find a place to shed fire at the moment, and now he is suddenly touched by Mu Sheng Xiao. The original three-point anger in his heart instantly turned into five points.
"I’m afraid it’s not too bad, but people don’t buy too much money with shallow roots." Chu Hanxuan sneered that shallow and unruly women really want to add difficulties to Xuanyuan Tianyue, and it’s not impossible to think that his heart suddenly felt better.
"Has the King of Chu come?" Xuanyuan tianyue suddenly shouted at the nangongshan cold next to him and said
The nangongshan cold eyes hung down and said, "The King of Chu went back to the temple a few days ago and now it should be a mountain."
To prevent losing contact, please remember to reserve the domain name 8 l a.
"Since the king of Chu said that he would keep his promise," Xuanyuan Tianyue nodded his head and lifted his feet directly toward the front.
Chu Hanxuan looked at the lavender figure in front of him and his body trembled with anger. Who is Rao who has been ignored again and again? There will be no anger. What exactly does Xuanyuantianyue mean when bei chu can’t see him now? He is still arrogant in this boundless mountain. Isn’t it too? After a while, he is too!
Aside from mu sheng Xiao, I saw Chu Hanxuan’s eyes angry and unwilling. A pair of peach blossom eyes evoked a playful color. Is this Xuan Wang still not clear about his position? Just like him, Xuanyuan Tianyue won’t pay attention to nothing. It doesn’t matter, but it’s just that he’s still arrogant. It’s a dead wood cannot be carved. If he were Chu Wen Lan today, it would be another situation.
Since "Tianyue is too touched, let’s go hand in hand, such as" Mu Sheng Xiao lifts his feet to chase Xuanyuan Tianyue in front, and some news still needs to be told to some talents.
Looking at the two people walking side by side in front, one is purple and one is red, which is particularly eye-catching. Chu Hanxuan holds his fist tightly, and sooner or later he will be above these people.
"It’s getting too late. Why did you leave? Didn’t you see me here?" Chu Yunling looked at the lavender figure and said sadly that it was not easy to see the sky getting too much, but he left her a figure, which made her willing.
Next to Fu, when she saw Chu Yun’s spirit mist, her eyes flashed a mocking color. When you were a beauty, people didn’t even look at you. Now this virtue is a man who can’t even look at it. I really don’t know where she came from!
Is behind Qin Yu facial expression slightly changed the woman didn’t brother.
Is there something going on here?
Two figures, one purple and one red, are walking towards the front, ignoring the people behind them. At the moment, it is almost to the top of the mountain, but the conversation between the two has never stopped.
"I heard that something unpleasant seems to have happened to my wife?"
Xuanyuan Tianyue took a look at Mu Sheng Xiao and said indifferently, "The world must have misheard Gong Taifei’s feelings. Where is the palace where she is willing to give up? But does it seem that the world has nothing to do!" It’s not high to talk about the world and provoke dissension
Mu Sheng Xiao smell speech also don’t angry enchanting face with a strange color and then smiled and said "is it? The world is also a toffee who knows that she is too unhappy to come to see another fiancee. She quarreled in the temple and then ran away from home. "
Another fiancee?