When many boys and girls are hot in the wild, especially when they are in a hurry like fashion and trolls, they sprint shirtless. Many times, boys and girls look like Mars hitting the earth, and the great battle makes people see their blood swell and scream. When they are satisfied, they can climax for a moment.

Suddenly, one side hits passive dizziness, and the other side is dizzy on the spot.
Embarrassing ~
Are you so passionate about a Woodenhead?
The troll said that he was used to fashion, and that he could get used to it occasionally when facing many people. The ice girl and the fire girl agreed that they were very used to their opponents staring at them in a daze, while VS said that they generally liked to take the initiative to make others dizzy and see stars on the spot.
Lin Feng said that she was very unaccustomed!
It’s always the first time that Lin Feng has tasted it in a professional arena in her career.
Of course, this can’t be the first time that Lin Feng has been controlled to death in DOA.
Passers-by bureau often has this kind of heart-thrust, and random cooperation can also catch Lin Feng off guard.
However, the biggest difference between passers-by and professional competitions is that professional players will strive to achieve seamless cooperation.
This is the biggest difference between professional players and general semi-professional players and enthusiasts.
Lin Feng felt this tacit cooperation power for the first time in the competition.
VS was hit by the alchemist in a lightning bolt, and then the alchemist hit him with a fat fist. The original delicate and touching heart was popular, and suddenly the top soldier line was stronger.
Just the right skills are connected. When there is almost no wave for one second, Lin Feng has been struggling to throw bricks and become successful.
Be wronged ~
Dead people don’t understand this feeling until they are full of blood.
There is also a bitterness.
Lin Feng watched the alchemist harvest the battleline quickly in the middle of the road, knowing that his mistake just now would make the alchemist move forward when forming.
This is a mistake that doesn’t seem fatal, but Lin Feng knows that the fewer mistakes in professional competitions, the better.
Shook his head and let the original confused by the smooth situation some confused come quickly adjust their mentality.
When VS walked out of the spring, Lin Feng had returned to the state of being more serious and paying more attention when he was just playing.
After being beaten once or twice, some people will doubt themselves, whether they are not doing well enough, and will underestimate themselves and forget their advantages, their goals and what they should do better.
Lin Feng, on the other hand, belongs to that kind of person. If I get hit once, I will work harder to keep myself from falling down.
Come didn’t forget the pig’s head dish said that sentence to himself before the game.
"You are the core of this game, push, push and then push. Everyone will be interested in pulling you out after you have gone through the early camouflage. What you have to do is push." Pig’s head dishes are usually noisy, but today they have a completely different serious attitude when arranging game tactics.
"If you push too deep in the end, you must trust your teammates. We won’t let you be cannon fodder."
Pig’s head dish finished this tactical idea in a short time before the BP stage of the game and patted Lin Feng’s shoulder to make him feel that he really didn’t listen wrong.
"You are the core ~" Come to hear these words without listening to all the meanings in that passage.
But come still remember pig main meaning that is to push forward.
Because she is the core, Lin Feng doesn’t dare to think of herself as a newcomer to play the second professional game. EH, just take herself as the core?
Come to think this is a pig’s head dish to comfort yourself with a white lie.
But the pig’s head dish didn’t fool come. The pig’s head dish didn’t fool come.
EH is a top team, although it is now stumbling in the G League. EH can be said to be a top team in the top league, and whether it can be regarded as the top team in the world remains to be discussed.
But once EH has worked out the tactics, all his teammates will try their best to do it.
In the middle of the road, VS was killed by the popular and alchemists, and the shadow demon finally hit the most thrilling blow in history. In the perspective of the forest card, the three pressures took away the shadow demon himself, and the evil purification and soul hunter were about to lay the ground.
Blackie’s pursuit has approached the range and the original image has disappeared. When Blackie raised his hand and shot, the knife suddenly fell, but it did not fall. Instead, it was a dart.
The man in the dart is dizzy, and the black arrow is not shot, but the blood will die. Will the shadow ghost interrupt the reward?
Pig’s head dish is not the best player in EH Fuck, but it is definitely the one with the best psychological quality. The captain is stable and suspicious at this moment.