Williams patted him on the shoulder. "I recommended you to be a senior inspector, and you really did. That’s me hurting you!" "

This uncle is still not too white.
Williams said meaningfully, "Some people are suitable for attack, others are suitable for defense, and some people are suitable for commanding you. Their characteristics are too strong offensive ability, too angular, and too sharp personality. It is not the most suitable for the inspector to need a smooth person to sit in the position. On the contrary, if you become a police officer, it is estimated that your colleagues will be completely offended by you for a month."
Uncle also wry smile.
Williams went on to say, "I recommended my colleague who once worked with Beauty. He was a good man. He would be very good if he did your job. You can shelter from the wind and rain, and you can better carry out all kinds of things. I know that if people like you sit in the office and face a mountain of documents every day, you will probably quit."
Uncle smiled again, this time gently and gratefully.
This honest officer has always known him well and knows what his ideal is!
Williams lit a cigarette and faced the sparkling sea. "Are you still betting on the Li Dalong case?"
Uncle was stunned. "Isn’t it already changed?"
Williams blew out a big cloud of smoke and covered his face. "Although he was sentenced by the court, I want to tell you a secret."
"What secret?" Uncle is nervous again.
Williams stared at the distance. "I always had a hunch that the black spider escape case would definitely happen, that is, the escape of Lisa Li Dalong from Wake, and I had a strong feeling that they would succeed."
Uncle was rarely surprised, but this time he was completely surprised. "What’s the matter?"
Williams turned his head and danced in his face. "A Feng, do you believe that there are absolutely upright and correct people in this world?"
Uncle’s face is very firm. "I believe it!"
Williams said, "For example, you are?"
"I’m still far from it. This can’t be an example!" Uncle said modestly, "For example, Xiao Zhou, for example, Wang Lin and for example, my father."
Williams nodded. "Okay, then I ask you, if there is, then you give an order to let Xiao Zhou recapture Li Dalong now. Will he refuse?"
"This ….." Uncle was shocked.
Williams added, "If Wang Lin really believed in the law, what did she lose in Gao Tianfeng’s rape case? If your father really upholds the dignity of the law and pursues fairness and justice, why did he let the vigilante go? "
Uncle can’t answer these questions because he seldom thinks about these deep-seated problems.
Williams said, "Because Xiao Zhou believes in you, Wang Lin believes in fate, and your father believes in the truth, in the final analysis, because you have faith. You have your own set of criteria for judging right and wrong, right and wrong, love and hate, and dare to put them into action."
Uncle said with a wry smile, "I know one thing: evil can’t defeat justice."
Williams nodded and continued, "But what I want to express is that no one in this world is perfect without any flaws, especially people like me who are in law enforcement sometimes make major mistakes."
Uncle was surprised. "Mistake?"
Williams looked up at the stars as if recalling the past. "On the fifth day after the murder of Li Dalong in Victoria Harbour, Venus Tiancheng, the righteous god, Chief Hamish asked me to send Ai Ruowei to call you back. At that time, I felt that this order was very strange. Ai Ruowei’s ability was not as good as yours. It is strange that she caught Li Dalong without any effort."
Uncle finally spoke amazingly, "Do you also suspect that the Federal Ministry is in ghosts?"
Williams did not answer his question, "In fact, it was even more strange that I was present on the day of the trial in Li Dalong. The jury voted 6-1 against the death penalty and asked the court for a lighter sentence."
Uncle finally nodded calmly. "It is enough to reasonably infer one or two points from unusual phenomena."
Williams said, "The weirdest thing is that I want you to visit Li Dalong at Black Spider and tell him those words for me. These words were also entrusted to me by Hamis, so I will let you go if I leave."
Uncle said with horror, "What are Officer Hamish and Li Dalong?"
Williams smiled. "At that time, my first reaction was exactly the same as that of you now. I couldn’t help but be curious, so I asked him. Do you know that Officer Hamish and I have an excellent personal relationship? We all graduated from the same group of students."
Williams said, "He said he owed someone a favor, and he would disclose this person’s surname Yuan!"
"Last name is Yuan?" Uncle thought carefully and suddenly thought of something. His face became unspeakable.
Williams said, "From then on, I felt that black spiders were absolutely abnormal!"
Uncle exclaimed, "This is your old policeman’s intuition!"
Williams said, "I’ll tell you another terrible secret. You caught Archie, the hacker in Brussels, Uzi. Do you know how he invaded the federal police headquarters?"
Uncle said, "I’ve always wondered about this question. At the beginning, on the river, Archie was asked to invade and invade our general police station. It was much more difficult to enter the black spider through our system. The technical staff once told me that on the river, the technique was far from Biar, and the level of the river was higher than that of him. Why should he go to fight before?"
Williams laughed. "Because Jiang Hua is a criminal with high IQ, he knows that the crime of invading is much smaller than that of invading the general police station. Even if he is caught afterwards, he will not be severely sentenced."
Uncle nodded "indeed!"
Williams put away his smile. "But criminals with high IQ sometimes miscalculate. I admit that it is easy for Jiang Hua to invade the general police station, but he made a fatal mistake in the process of rescuing Li Dalong. He shouldn’t back up the information with the matching number of the criminals on the record of the international satellite transmitter permanently. That is a counter-chain that can detonate the criminals’ necks."
Uncle frowned. "What is a fatal mistake?"
On Williams word for word, "I don’t know that if I want to enter the deletion system, I must have an inspector-level security password, which is automatically changed once a day. Li Dalong’s case is handled by my special task force."
Uncle was shocked. "You mean that Jiang Hua could protect Li Dalong and his family from that prison break without your password?"
Williams’ face also showed a terrible expression. "I didn’t find out until later that the night when they escaped from prison, I was tampered with in the office. The deletion system had already hit the waters and Archie, but they didn’t know that the breakthrough was my work."
Uncle was surprised. "No one can enter your office except you and your level, know the security code and unify it. What do you mean …"
Williams shook his head. "There is no evidence that he did it? From the bottom of my heart, I don’t want to believe that he would do such a thing? "
He sighed, "Ah Feng, I am not as energetic as I was when I was young. Sometimes I feel too tired to spend time with my family. If I want to retire safely and steadily, I must learn to endure and compromise."
Uncle silently said, "I know how you feel. We are all policemen. The last thing we want to see is that the people we trust most have committed crimes." To be continued.
Chapter five hundred and fifty-nine LingFei
It’s still night, and the bald man is dragging an oversized suitcase on the streets of Rainbow City.
At night, the rainbow city is extremely brilliant, and the streets are bustling and neon-lit. This is a vibrant this beautiful city.
Bald, breathing this hot air deeply, he hasn’t seen the real world for too long. This is his hometown after all.
He was even more grateful to the waters when he saw the bustling and lively city in the past.
Without the waters, he would have starved to death by Camellia Star, and he did not complain about the things assigned to him by the rivers.