Very backward position

The public outcry can’t help but look at the kite.
It is a big news that it is confusing to outsiders whether the kite is a man or a woman and few people know its name.
Chapter 929 Where to drink wine
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This should always be available.
It’s time for everyone who should come.
And there are two or three bits left.
Chi Mi turned to Xiao Tian, also wearing a mask, and said, "Prepare the meal."
Xiao Tian nodded and turned to do it.
In Xiao Tian, music suddenly sounded from the back building, which was new music that officials had never heard before.
Not only fresh, but also slowly walked out of ten couples in the building.
Men are all wearing suits, while women are wearing fluffy skirts. The calf is bright in length and strange in color. The style is simple but the grade is bun and the strange shoes.
In fact, the grade bun is to roll up modern hair, while the strange shoes are drunk and let craftsmen make high heels out of wood.
It is not surprising that such a group of modern people dressed in masks are mixed with men and women.
Laziness makes the kite not look askance slightly, but it has been very quiet. Chi Yuan has also attracted attention in the past.
In the process of everyone’s surprise, ten pairs of men and women suddenly spun together, and a man and a woman shook hands and danced to the music.
And the dancing parts are all the same.
I don’t know how novel it is compared with the ancient dance with wide sleeves.
People can’t help but look at what kind of dance this is.
And Chi Mi was slightly startled to see such a scene.
He wondered if he needed a man and a woman to dance.
But now I can’t help but be surprised to see a man and a woman dancing ballroom dancing.
Yunzui is special, and so is her birthday arrangement.
Special people deserve special you.
Soon there will be meals to send meals. Yunzui wrote that the ingredients are all modern dishes
There are also vegetables that I didn’t know I could eat in ancient times.
People can’t help feeling greedy when they see dishes they have never seen before.
It happened that they were hungry, too.
Even if it’s not so special today, even if it’s blowing cold in the street, they are willing to come to Chi Mi’s birthday!
It will be the same in the future. I never thought it would be so new.
Everyone is looking forward to it, but Chi Xuan looks very ugly.
Because Chi Mi occupies all his light, forget it. Now his birthday is even more grand than his.
There are already people behind the food table who can’t wait to taste it.
And the dance is gradually ending, and the strange but sweet music continues to ring.
People eat dishes, but they find that there is no wine to drink, so they won’t drink noodles with piled mountain cups. !
Xiao Tian came in from the backyard and followed several waiters behind him, dragging round trays with bottles on their faces. When he saw that all the people were white wine, he immediately poured it out to drink, but he didn’t expect that it was actually red liquid just poured out? !