"Are you kidding? You can’t drive? Do you have a driver’s license? " Crazy is very surprising. Nowadays, young people can’t drive. There are really few cars. Many people can drive in high school and get a driver’s license when they grow up.

"No kidding, I really can’t drive, but I have a driver’s license." Ye Qing is very honest. The authentic driver’s license was obtained by Dong Laoer for him for a long time, but he didn’t touch the car once. Drivers like him belong to the category of road killers. Without a driver’s license, the technical road will definitely hit a wall or someone.
Crazy smell speech waved to him, "You sit here and I’ll sit next to you and teach you! What’s wrong with the car? It will be a while! This is still an automatic transmission! "
Ye Qing waved his hand and said, "Forget it, forget it. Let’s go back to the hotel first and say that my friends should wait!"
"It’s boring. You’re afraid of a car when you see my knife! All right, sit tight and I’ll show you a racing technique! " Crazy held the steering wheel in one hand and set the shift paddle to D gear in the other. As soon as his right foot stepped on the gas pedal, the car rushed out quickly.
Ye Qing hurriedly pulled over the safety belt and said, "Brother, this is an urban area. Does the traffic police care?"
Crazy haha laughed. "The traffic police tube is those ordinary people who dare to tube me? Do you believe that the traffic police stopped my car and had to apologize to me? I slapped them and they didn’t dare to resist! "
"So awesome?" Ye Qing is very emotional and can mix to madness. Their life at this level will satisfy themselves. No matter how much they play F, no matter how many championships they win, it is estimated that they are not as crazy as these people, right? He can’t help but feel a little disheartened at the thought of this, but he also knows that he is not suitable for going crazy, and they have no other specialties on this road, only in F.
"This is cattle? Brother Fei and Gu Ye, their talents at that level are called Niu, and your friend Master Jiang is even more called Niu! The mayor’s banquet is definitely the head of the guest party Committee and he has to be his brother. Do you think this is awesome? " Crazy face worships the tunnel. Obviously, he worships teddy boy very much.
"Cow!" Ye Qing sincerely can sit at a table with the mayor to eat and drink, but people are not cattle. Then what is cattle? The biggest official that Ye Qing has contacted is the mayor, county magistrate and other officials who are considered by the headmaster of their school. What’s more, they are the mayors.
"You also know a great man like Master Jiang, and I appreciate your courage to be friends with you after we have nothing to do. I never want to be your enemy in the sea. Call me first if there is anything. Fei Ge and Gu Ye are too busy with Lei Ge. You know that you are narrow-minded and have nothing to do. You’d better not look for him!" Crazy is sincerely to leaf tilting way
Ye Qing nodded his head and thought that madness is a friend worth making. Once you regard your friend as a friend, you will definitely do whatever you can. It is definitely the kind of friend who is very loyal. "If you come to Chengdu, please contact me and let’s have a drink. Although I may not be able to help you with anything in Chengdu, I will definitely help you if I can."
"Thank you, I will definitely have the opportunity to come to Chengdu Tianfu Country. I have wanted to go for a long time!" Crazy smile way
The car goes crazy quickly, and when it meets a red light, it will still stop and wait in accordance with the rules. Although the traffic police dare not take care of him, he doesn’t want to be so high-profile. This is why A Fei has always taught them that high-profile people die quickly!
When Ye Qing arrived, they parked their car outside the Youjia Hotel and helped Ye Qing bring their luggage from the car. Then they said to Ye Qing, "I’ll go back first and pick you up at noon!"
"Thank you so much. Let’s have a good drink at noon!" Leaf tilt is very grateful tunnel
Crazy shook his head and smiled wryly. "How can I be qualified to sit at a table with Lei Ge Gu Ye and them? I’m sure you won’t have my party at noon. Let’s have a good drink when I get to Chengdu!"
"Well, then walk slowly!" Ye Qing waved his hand and went crazy. This level can’t even talk to Gu Ye at the same table. Ye Qing can’t help but sigh that the social hierarchy is also quite strict. If it weren’t for knowing Jiang Yuhan, it is estimated that he is not qualified to sit at a table with those big shots for dinner, drinking and chatting for decades.
All the people took their luggage back, and the rooms were also returned. Ye Qing took out his mobile phone and called Dong Laoer, who was very excited to answer the phone. "Boss, have you come back?"
"Come back!"
"Where is it? Why didn’t I see it?"
"Lou, you stick your head out and have a look!"
Dong Laoer poked his head out of the corridor to have a look. He just saw Ye Qing leaning next to a pile of luggage. He didn’t feel like he had suffered. He laughed and immediately hung up and said to Dami and others, "The boss is upstairs. Go and get your luggage!"
"what! ? Come back? " Big honey shouted in surprise, and then the first one turned and ran to the stairs. Dong Laoer and meteor and others followed. Su Yanbing has always been reserved and Taishan collapsed before, and there will be no panic. So she still walks gracefully from the ground to the back. In fact, she has always had confidence in Ye Qing. She thinks Ye Qing will be fine for sure.
To the floor, Dong’s second child rushed directly to the front of Ye Qing and hugged him tightly, then loosened to Ye Qing’s chest and lamented two fists. It was very exciting. "Eldest brother, you finally came back!" If there is such a thing again, let’s brothers carry it together. I will give my fucking life and I won’t let you carry it alone! "
Leaf smiled laughed "let’s brothers also said these? Can I frown when you call me a boss to come to the rain in the wind? "
"Boss!" Cold-blooded and other three people immediately shouted in unison. Cold-blooded walked up to Ye Qing and said, "After that, we all called you boss. You have to help me carry something!"
"I depend!" Ye Qing looked at the cold-blooded and other people with great honey and pushed Dong Laoer very domineering tunnel "get out of my man!" If you want to hug, I’ll hug you. What are you robbing? If you want to be gay and find a meteor, they will go! "
Dong Laoer couldn’t help showing a wry smile and shaking his head. "Boss, it’s really hard for you the day after tomorrow!"
"Try it again!" Big honey glared at Dong Laoer and immediately covered his mouth and then stepped back.
Big honey dives into Ye Qing’s arms and says, "Don’t be such a hero after you, okay? This will make me worry that you don’t know how much I helped at that time. I hate myself for not helping anything! I thought I couldn’t do it before, but today I feel that I have the most! "
Leaves will hug her tightly bowed their heads and kissed her head is very spoil tunnel "I’m not ok? I’m sorry to worry you, but I will solve the problem in a better way and I won’t put myself in danger again. In fact, you are very capable. You are more capable than many women. I want to call the sniper. Did you come up with it? "
"hmm!" Big honey nodded. Su Yanbing couldn’t help but stop her steps when she saw the scene of two people hugging each other. It turned out that big honey was Ye Qing’s girlfriend now, and it’s no wonder that she was not very friendly when she was talking.
She suddenly felt that her face was burning, and it was really not good for her to say those words in front of other people’s girlfriends. Besides, she found that Ye Qing’s new girlfriend was also very beautiful, and she was also the boss of their team. She must be rich, rich, beautiful and loved him very much. Of course he would choose her.
Su Yanbing didn’t want to say hello to Ye Qing again. She felt that she had better go silently now and don’t disturb Ye Qing’s life again. Her original fighting spirit was extinguished again. She wanted to win Ye Qing back, but after all, she was not a bad woman and didn’t want to ruin others’ happy life.
Maybe Ye Qing will have a better life without her. Being with her is the pain. Su Yanbing hates her personality. She silently turns around and walks to the hotel building. She will go back to her room. Maybe Ye Qing will think of her at some point, but there will be no more ripples in her heart. It’s an emotional thing. Who can predict and can’t control it!
Chapter 311 Passion is burning
"Put your luggage back in your room. I’ll take you to dinner at noon. It’s a treat!" Leaf leaning hug big honey waist to teammates way
"Who is so generous treat? Boss, do you still have friends in the sea? " Meteor is very surprised to ask these guys are really called Ye Qing boss, but Ye Qing is often called by Dong Laoer, so he is used to it. He doesn’t feel anything wrong at all, so he replied with a smile, "That guy who caught me and was beaten by me with a pig’s head insisted on inviting me to dinner to make amends. Can I refuse him if you say such a bitch?" If I beat him again, I guess he’ll have to invite me to the sauna to drink sanhua! "
"No! ? That guy still invites you to dinner? I don’t know what to worry about. I don’t think I should go! " Dong Laoer is worried about tunnel. He has no opinion of Shi Lei.
"How dare he! Now give him ten guts and don’t dare to touch me again. I have to say that I have a big face and I feel like a fox! " Leaf self-deprecating tunnel
"Then when we go back to Chengdu, we must thank a sniper. I’ll arrange to invite him to dinner then. Let’s also deepen our impression and make a formal friend. Sniper is really good. Even if he doesn’t help us a lot this time, his position and influence in the F world are worth making friends with. It’s good or bad for us to make friends with him. You can also consult him more. It’s very helpful for your strength!" Big honey is a little excited tunnel
At this time, she didn’t know that she would make this decision later and regretted it. She simply felt that she should make friends with God. Ye listened to her words and agreed, so a group of people first took their luggage to their room and then gathered in Ye Qing’s room.
Ye Qing saw that everyone was here and said, "What happened this time messed up our plan. I mean, after lunch, we will buy tickets and leave the sea. It’s wrong to stay here for a long time. Although those people can help me settle what happened, I don’t want to owe them any favors. What do you think?"
"I don’t have any complaints. Anyway, there’s nothing interesting here. It’s just that the city is a little bigger, the economy is a little developed, the beauty is a little more delicious, and the building is a little higher." Dong Laoer said.