Chapter six hundred and sixty Secret transactions

Liu Chongyun Zha Zha’s mouth seemed to be like a aftertaste. It took him a long time to look at Ning’s mouth. "I remember you always wanted a big three-yuan restaurant."
Ning mouth light way "sometimes I don’t want to"
Lu Chongyun said, "What?"
Ning mouth sighed, "I don’t want to miss it until then. If I miss it so much at that time, I will not only worry about myself but also be in big trouble."
Liu Chongyun laughed. "Well said, but don’t worry, you will soon have a big three-yuan restaurant. I promise you can even have several restaurants like the big three-yuan restaurant."
Ning Dazui said faintly, "I want one!"
Lu Chongyun said, "Oh?"
Ning mouth sighed "people should know how to be content! I’m afraid I can’t even keep this place if I’m not satisfied. "
Lu Chongyun said, "That makes sense!"
Ning mouth said, "I’ll go out first. The guests will come in ten minutes."
As soon as he went out to Liu Chongyun, he took some chopsticks to eat braised pork, which is his favorite dish. Whenever he came here, he would not order. Ning Dazui would personally cook a braised pork.
Just like Gu Xiaoyue likes to eat beef and rice noodles, Lu Chongyun prefers this dish because it was a luxury to eat braised pork many years ago.
Because of poverty, because of poverty, because of those hard and hopeful years.
But he is not the same as Gu Xiaoyue. Even today, Gu Xiaoyue ordered a dry fried beef river, which will be quickly wiped out, and Liu Chongyun stopped moving chopsticks after eating two bites.
He likes to watch braised pork always look better on the table than in his stomach.
In fact, he is not particular about eating, and he has his own unique view on "eating"
He always thinks that a foodie is not necessarily a good cook, but a good cook is definitely a foodie, because you are not interested in eating, you can never cook a good dish.
And a foodie is definitely not an adult material. Because a person puts his energy into this kind of thing, his brain will be blocked and his thinking will be less like a pig.
That’s why he trusted Ning Dazui with this restaurant. The real reason is that people like Ning Dazui have no possibility of betraying him.
The door of thinking was pushed, and a man wearing a bronze mask came in.
It’s not surprising that Lu Chongyun waited until he sat down before saying, "How’s it going over there?"
Masked male way "everything is going according to plan, and it’s not a big problem."
Lu Chongyun suddenly said, "There is still something wrong with that certificate."
The masked man nodded. "Obsidian inexplicably appeared, and a female warrior was so powerful that she even killed Scorpio."
Lu Chongyun’s pupil suddenly contracted. "You mean that the goods of Jinshi Company are on their way to Shuiyun City?"
The masked man nodded. "The fact has entered the border of the Justice League during the day."
Lu Chongyun suddenly calmed down. "Never mind!"
"Never mind?" Mask man was a little surprised.
Lu Chongtian nodded. "It won’t affect the overall situation if the goods are sent to Shuiyun City. Let it come!"
"Let it come?" Mask man is still a little hard to believe.
Lu Chongyun said lightly, "Although the goods have come, they are not necessarily the ones they want to send."
"I am white!" The masked man suddenly raised his glass and said, "We have a successful toast!"
Lu Chongtian smiled. "If you want to do it, do it!"
A bottle of Fenjiu belly mask man seems to have drunk. "Do you know what gift you prepared for me this time?"
Liu Chongtian laughed. "I know you will never let me down."
The masked man suddenly clapped his hands and the door was pushed outside, and a woman wearing a bronze mask also came in.
The masked man laughed. "Go to the 19th floor and wait for the landing. The boss will come soon."
The masked woman was very obedient and left. The masked man smiled mysteriously. "Do you know who she is?"
Lu Chongyun smiled and said, "I’m in no hurry!"
The masked man laughed. "Of course you’re not in a hurry to get her. I spent a lot of money, but it’s worth it to satisfy you!"
Lu Chongyun looked up and laughed and lifted the bottle. "Come and dry another bottle!"
When he was dry this bottle, he didn’t know that there was a shadow on the outer wall of Yunxiao Restaurant rising straight from the floor-to-ceiling glass of the restaurant to the 19th floor.
If anyone can trace it here, there will be a mad dog dragon, even a cheetah.
Because the mad dog dragon "Survival of the Jedi" swept Long Jiali’s backyard from the inside out, he not only found that there was something wrong with the ballroom, but also felt that people like Lu Chongyun must be very careful in everything they did.
The luxurious presidential suite on the 19th floor scattered reconnaissance particles in every room as quickly as possible when the masked woman went to take a bath. This time, he didn’t hide in the mezzanine of the ceiling. He found that the restaurant corridor was full of cameras. He chose to jump out of the window and pull himself to the rooftop. This time, it was absolutely safe.
After the pulse machine gun screen was hit, he suddenly had a very nervous feeling that Lu Chongyun was not Liu Yun. This is an extremely terrible person and must not be exposed himself.
In fact, he thinks too much that Lu Chongyun was drunk when he entered the presidential suite. It is hard to believe that this is the Lu Chongyun he usually knows.